New Swiss champion Brian Balsiger also won the GB Ascona

New Swiss champion Brian Balsiger also won the GB Ascona

In Ascona, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland, Brian Balsiger not only won the Swiss Jump Championships on Sunday afternoon, but also won the 4-star race over 1.55 metres. With Dubai du Bois Pinchet (by Kashmir van Schuttershof), only Balsiger was able to make up for Italian Francesco Correddu’s great time with Necofix (by Eco del Castagno). Leon Thijsen and President (by Numero Ono) finished fourth in this Grand Prix with a quick and clear jump.

The jump with twelve participants eventually turned into the Italy-Switzerland competition, which was very interesting for the audience in Ascona, which is located almost on the Italian border on Lake Maggiore. Early in the jump, Italian Francesco Correddu set the near-impossible time of 45.85 seconds with Necofix. A number of groups later received bars in the rear in their attempts to improve this performance.

Patet III of Belgium

Gudrun Patteet of Belgium made a very clever attempt at halfway through the jump to take the lead with her big frame mare Sea Coast Donna Z (by Diamant de Semilly). With plenty of speed and plenty of control, the duo finished in 47.33 seconds. This turned out to be good for third place.

Fourth Thijssen

Leon Thijssen and For President started right after Petite two touches, but then the duo got off to a good start. Thijssen was able to turn hard and came out well in the long rows to the big bulls at the end of the course. It was clear, but not fast enough: 48.11 seconds, finally fourth.

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celebrate siger

He was the last two starters to oust the Italian from Switzerland. Bryan Balsiger played the dime with the Dubai du Bois Pinchet and kept his horse at a steady gallop high rhythm. Whistled by the Swiss crowd, the all-new Swiss champ managed to save it well: 45.22 was half a second faster than Correddu’s time. Last rookie Niklaus Schurterberger had to contend with a rather fickle Kinkasi (by Quintero). The duo had to pay for it with a beam on set. Brian Balseger also won the grand prize with this one. A very good day for the young Swiss, who just won the National Championship with nine-year-old Chelsea Z (by Chelsea Zed Alpha Z).

Grand Prix result

Swiss Jumping Championship results

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