New sport, but how? | the second page

New sport, but how?  |  the second page

I saw it like thisA picture is not just an image, it has been thought of. Photographer and photo teacher Tom Mirman explains what you can see in the photo.

Board members Arno Schuring and Thea Arnts at the Angeren Handball Association’s outdoor sports field to explain something new to us. It is about walking handball. This is the handball version of Walking Football.

Running is not allowed

For those who have never seen it, this may be true, as this handball version is new. The directors hope to be able to form a few teams with some associations in the area. How beautiful is it to be able to play competitions? Running is not permitted for walking handball and is therefore a sport for people over the age of 55.

How do you explain in the picture that the alternative to sitting on the sofa could be walking on the grass? The nice sun we’ve had a lot of until recently is of course inviting, but other than that? We recognize the components: Are the officials representative of the target group?

Delightful colors

In any case, they don’t look like those sporty fast-paced characters with tight-fitting suits and fast walkers. And then that ball, with those cheerful colors, this is likely to happen. It looks very comfortable. Does this sport also have a purpose? Yes, even three. The first is the sport itself, because exercise is good for everyone, and the other two are on the court.

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The photographer is behind a net and can safely throw the ball. But that’s the fun now, as we don’t see how the ball flies. Does he throw it or vice versa? Does the ball go to the cameraman? Who threw where?

The goal is out of focus

We see that the target grid is out of focus, so the aperture is large. This made the exposure time very short, making the ball appear to be suspended in the air. Directionless.

This ball hanging in the air looks like a magic trick. Walking handball may be Zwalking handball. Quidditch behind the floating ball. This is news only in the region. But then for a different target group.

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