New Song Valencia Grace – “Final Dance”

New Song Valencia Grace - "Final Dance"

There are those sounds that touch us instantly and always give us goosebumps. British newcomer Valencia Grace has that voice and knows how to fully convey her stories in delicate soul pop. Sony Music already sees a lot of potential in the upcoming singer and is determined to put her fully on the map. She is currently on her first major UK tour as a support act for renforshort, performing their already released singles “What A Shame”, “Goodbye” and “It Was You”.

Her latest release “Final Dance” has been on her set list for quite some time, so the official release of the song has been eagerly awaited. Then she stays completely true to her style and brings emotions to the fore through acoustic instrumentation. Valencia Grace simply doesn’t need gigantic productions, because “Final Dance” also relies primarily on the intimate atmosphere it creates on the song. Thanks to this song, we dare to put both hands on fire more than ever: Valencia Grace is one of the artists to be watched closely in 2023.

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