New result for Holland motto wishful thinking

New result for Holland motto wishful thinking

The designer “cut” the tulip on its stem, making it a symbolic raindrop in the spots. The word Holland is written as if it were the signature of a Dutch master who signed one of his works in the Golden Age. The whole thing was simple, warm and powerful, and fulfilled the designer’s own philosophy:You should be able to feel a good logo.. Now we see the letters NL as they are on the back of our car (why the abbreviation?) Followed by the word “Netherlands” (when it is “Netherlands” anyway?). Well, do you feel anything about it?

If we study the arguments of Minister Kaag (AD November 8), we read here through media training and the PR agency meaningless statements indicating that a small group of bureaucrats liked to be busy with “something creative” and now it really cannot explain why it is necessary to do So.

The most important argument (previously mentioned in the press) was the desire that we had abroad was no longer called the Netherlands but “the Netherlands”. All documents relating to this state that it mainly relates to ‘Business Sales in the Netherlands’. This is understandable. But the question is whether the word “Netherlands” in our national motto poses an obstacle here.

It also ignores the fact that the names engraved in people’s brains are difficult to erase. How do officials intend to scratch this name in the minds of these billions of world citizens? Surely not just hanging it on the wall in the consulates and printing it on business cards? 99% of people don’t see them. So there is talk of a “new strategy”, but there is nothing Telecommunications Strategy to make this audience. Just put a few zeros behind the $ 200,000 to get this done. if it was possible.

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The sub-argument here was that the Dutch who did not live in the south and north of the Netherlands would not feel like “Dutch”. I think this is going well. Frisians don’t want to be Dutch or Dutch, they want to be Frisians. Limburgers will want to be proud of Limburger for hundreds of years. They really don’t care about this.

The worst argument is (quote Minister Kaag): It’s time for something new. We are of course the Netherlands, and we live in the 21st century. This is why it’s a good idea to go out into the world with a new logo. Many states do this. Companies are doing this, too: They change their font and logo. Oh, then we should do that too! Not understood. Renewal of renewal is always death in destiny. Innovation only succeeds if it is based on a new, stimulating, inspiring and stimulating vision. This is nowhere to be found.

Incidentally, companies change logos sometimes, but also often without purpose. Or because they are tired of it themselves, and not thinking in terms of a consumer. If you look at really powerful brands, you’ll see that they never change their logo, knowing that their logo gets creative and consistency depends on brand strength. Nike, Virgin, IBM, Coca-Cola, Apple, IKEA. Just as the power of communication is in consistency and continuity, there are also a number of “laws” that a good logo design must comply with. And that logo vibrates there, too. This lavender is designed so coldly that the average citizen of the world probably won’t notice it. He is without a soul. It is the motto of rational thinkers, not mathematicians, nor of the tourist. The shape is a long horizontal line that, when scaled down, for example on the back of Olympic athletes’ clothing, becomes a mess of letters illegible. Never mind you can make a pretty bow tie clip from it. He is unable to obtain a badge. She has nothing to make her an immortal icon. Hence, the € 200,000 amount is not a “small sum” at all.

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