New Partners for EY and HVG Law The Blockchain Netherlands Foundation

New Partners for EY and HVG Law The Blockchain Netherlands Foundation

EY and HVG Law joined the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL) Partner Network on 1 September. This is a non-profit organization that connects emerging and expanding blockchain, crypto and web3 companies in the Netherlands with each other, with the business community and internationally.

EY is active worldwide in the enterprise blockchain space and provides expertise in, among other things, strategy, transformation, digital trust, compliance, taxation and finance. Due to the strategic alliance between HVG Law and EY Tax in the Netherlands, it is also possible to bring legal knowledge and expertise in the field of enterprise blockchain to this collaboration.

In the recent past, BCNL and EY have worked together, among other things, to organize Dutch Blockchain Days from the EY office and via the ‘Hour of Experts’ to answer the legal and tax issues of the blockchain community. According to both parties, this has led to a “fruitful interaction” that is now enhanced by formal cooperation.

According to BCNL Directors Rudolf van Ee and Jan Scheele, the added value of the BCNL community’s formal collaboration is that EY and HVG Law are pioneers in a number of related areas in the BCNL Web3 ecosystem. “Partly due to the focus and specialization of Web3, from both EY and HVG Law, the BCNL ecosystem can enjoy a lot of relevant knowledge and experience and work with its experts to expand and develop the ecosystem.”

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