New on Netflix: More Puzzles in Season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries

New on Netflix: More Puzzles in Season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries

Real crime lovers can really wet their heads …

The first season of Unsolved secrets It turned out to be a real hit. Season 2 will be showing on Netflix in a few days which is reason enough for us to look forward.

Just like in Season 1, a number of terrifying puzzles will be discussed in Part Two that was never solved. The second season of the series will consist of six episodes. Some of the names of these episodes include “Tsunami Spirits”, “Stolen Kids” and “Lady in the Lake”. The names alone indicate what is best for this sequel.

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Outside the United States
Initially, Netflix was supposed to do this for its series Unsolved secrets Will search mainly in the United States. However, Season 1 immediately made it clear that this was not true. And in it, the viewer visited a horror house in France, while in the second season we made a trip to the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

There will be two additional days before Season Two of Unsolved secrets Online, but the trailer below gives you a nice preview!

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