New movie by Halina Ryan in Parkville

New movie by Halina Ryan in Parkville


Alvin – Parkvilla Film House is known for its variety show. “Within our group, Halina Reijn’s new movie is definitely a trip into a genre that we don’t show very often. It’s a lot more than your average horror movie and gets very good reviews,” said cinema house programmer Cindy van der Horn.

“And when a Dutch director makes such a US debut, you want to set a stage for it. For the perfect experience, we show the film in the larger theater and visitors get an invigorating and invigorating cocktail,” continues Van der Torn.

Bodies Bodies and Bodies

The movie revolves around a group of wealthy people in their twenties. They lock themselves in a secluded villa for the weekend. The game is completely out of control. The film offers a refreshing and witty look at friendship, peer pressure, and how well someone can fit in. An innocent party derailed in a horrifying manner. Van der Horn: This movie falls into the addictive category, a genre that is making a comeback and gaining popularity. The term is derived from a subgenre of detective stories “who did it”, which emphasizes trying to find out who the culprit is. The bodies look beautiful, but you’re also on the edge of your seat. The film can be viewed in Parkvilla from October 6.

a new movie

Bodies Bodies Bodies is the title of the new film by Dutch actress, writer and director Halina Rein. After her debut as a director, Instinct, she moved to the United States. Bodies was a hit in American cinemas and her first English-language film. According to Parkvilla, her overseas career is going fast. Reijn: “I am enjoying all the opportunities I have now.”

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More information and tickets are available on the foundation’s website:

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