Netflix protest in Australian surfers’ paradise

Netflix protest in Australian surfers' paradise

Residents of the Australian coastal town of Byron Bay have signed up against Netflix’s surfboard. They formed a circle at sea on Tuesday with a line running through the center as a symbol of “no,” as pictures in local media showed. Byron Peace is set in a popular seaside resort, but many residents fear the negative repercussions for their hometowns on the east coast of Australia.

“You’re going to struggle to find one person to support the broadcast services plan,” Mayor Simon Richardson told ABC. The region already attracts 2.5 million visitors annually and does not require additional tourists that are enchanted by a “boring sight”.

Love that never returns

Netflix, the live streaming service, earlier announced that it would feature two Instagram influencers at “Byron Baes”. The series promises “battles, affairs and heartbreak” and is a “love letter” for the coastal community.

But love never returns. Nearly 8,000 people have joined an online petition demanding the city not allow recording of the series. Some local companies also refused to allow the withdrawal of their facilities.

Byron Bay attracted a number of Hollywood stars such as Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron to its shores. Already high housing prices continued to rise, causing some locals to be unable to afford housing.

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