Netflix presents an online event “Tudum” that includes exclusive information about series

Netflix presents an online event "Tudum" that includes exclusive information about series

Netflix…we can no longer do without him. The live streaming service has been providing us entertainment on the days we needed it the most for years. We always look forward to new release And the behind the scenes-photo. Good news: the second edition of todomglobal virtual event NetflixIt will be launched soon. On Saturday, September 24th, fans will have a day filled with exclusive previews.


The name of the event is derived from the sound you have Netflix Opens – say it out loud. What does the event mean? You watch photos via a 24-hour live stream with exclusive news, never-before-seen photos, trailers and The first sight, But also interviews with the biggest stars and creators of Netflix. The free virtual event is an ode to Netflixfans and premieres over 100 series, movies, games and specials from around the world.

Set the alarm?

Since it’s all over the world (for 24 hours), you’ll need to plan what time you’ll watch it. Summarizing the schedule:
– Wake up early.. mother 04:00 CET Todom starts with a dazzling show from Korea.
– At 07:30 CET, fans will get a preview of new content from India.
– Important to us! 19:00 CET It highlights movies and series from the US and Europe, and an extra offering gives fans a taste of fresh content from Latin America.
– On September 25th at 06:00 CET Todom concludes with a unique insight into entertainment from Japan.

todom It can be streamed via YouTube channels from Netflix In a number of different languages. Do you want more information? Then you can have a look at the website of Netflix yourself.


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