Netflix is ​​showing a trailer for the fourth season of Drive to Survive

Netflix is ​​showing a trailer for the fourth season of Drive to Survive

Today, Netflix premiered a trailer for the new season of Leader to survive. Season 4 of the documentary series, which closely follows Formula 1 drivers in the exciting 2021 season, will appear on the streaming service on March 11.

The fourth season of campaign to survive It contains ten episodes and of course a lot of attention will be paid to the exciting title battle between Mercedes and Red Bull, but there will also be interest in other teams and drivers and their joint battle.

campaign to survive Making the sport more popular with the general public and especially in the United States, the show attracted many new fans to the track. The series was praised, but also criticized because Netflix sometimes whips things up and focuses primarily on the feel.

Despite Netflix promises that the battle for the title will play a major role, it does not appear that world champion Max Verstappen is playing a leading role. The Dutchman is not a fan of the show to say the least. As far as is known, he also did not offer specific collaborations to the film’s crew during 2021.

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