Netflix Drive to Survive ensures huge popularity in F1

Netflix Drive to Survive ensures huge popularity in F1

We already knew Drive to Survive was an incredibly popular series on Netflix, but it seems to have caused a live stream for F1 fans.

The strength of Netflix is ​​on display once again, as it appears that an unprecedented number of F1 fanatics have joined the sport due to the streaming service. Drive to Survive may have a somewhat mediocre fourth season, but it’s still a huge banner for lightning-fast racing sports.

How exactly did Drive to Survive affect the popularity of Formula 1? I discovered the morning consultation through a survey. It found that more than half of all American Formula 1 fans joined the sport because of the popular documentaries on Netflix.

to break this number. 23% of all fans say Drive to Survive is the main reason they love Formula 1. 30% say it has had a slight effect on them. Only 47% of all fans in the United States say they are unaffected by the series.

Thus, Netflix has a huge impact on the popularity of Formula 1 in the United States. Perhaps equally as compared to the Dutch who became fans of the sport because of Max’s genius.

In any case, Drive to Survive is about the world of F1, with all the little-known aspects of the sport. Netflix unfortunately couldn’t get Max, but it’s definitely worth checking out!

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