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The game makers are already busy with the fifth season of Stranger Things. In addition, they took the criticisms that came about the fourth season very seriously. Knives Out will get its sequel in December, and a third movie has also been announced. But how far is this?

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The creators of Stranger Things have set out to address this point of criticism

Season 5 of Stranger Things is in full production and the writers are finishing up episodes at a rapid pace. Viewer feedback about the fourth season was also taken into account. This season has been praised, but the preponderance of characters in particular has caused some negative backlash. The Duffer Brothers previously announced that no new characters will be introduced in Season 5 because the story needs to be completed. They have now announced again at WGFestival that the scripts have been revised. “We read it all. We still think most of it was really great, but some things could be better. Even the ending has changed quite a bit. The main lines haven’t changed at all, but the details have been tweaked.”

Knives Out 3 is not in the works yet

This winter we can prepare for Knives Out 2, where Daniel Craig has to solve another case. Netflix has already announced a third movie, but what about that? Creator Rian Johnson hasn’t quite figured out a specific story yet. He said this Limit During the film’s release in the United States. Knives Out 2 is also running in a number of cinemas there. “The agreement with Netflix is ​​so that I can continue working if I want to. No tight deadline has been set. For the past few months I have been working on the third part in my head, there will come a time when we will continue working.

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Announcing a major update for Virgin River season 5 and new cast members

The makers of Virgin River have released good news about Season 5. Registrations are now complete. Although it took a little longer than planned, everything is now on screen. Plus, it became clear that we’d be meeting a number of new faces in Season 5.

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The 20 Most Popular on Netflix: The Queen of the Night Takes the Crown

After dominating the charts for a month, The Crown lost out on the number one spot. The story of Queen Elizabeth will undoubtedly return to prominence next year when the sixth and final season is released. It is now reserved for another queen.

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