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The highly anticipated documentary series on the lives of British Princes Harry and Meghan has finally arrived! In addition, Netflix provided the cast for the animated film Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.

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The Harry and Meghan Documentary Series is Coming

British royals Harry and Meghan struck a huge deal with Netflix a while ago, but then calm soon reigned over the movie plans of the well-known couple. Until then, because insiders tell Page Six that plans are already in the works. After the release of season five of The Crown in November of this year, the first documentaries about Harry and Meghan should see the light of day. Mind you, this is an unconfirmed rumor, but where there is smoke…

Netflix introduces the cast for the animated movie Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Netflix has announced the cast of the Netflix animated movie Scrooge: A Christmas Carol. The film’s celebratory cast includes Luke Evans, Olivia Colman, Jesse Buckley, Johnny Flynn, Fira Fee, Giles Terrera, Trevor Dionne Nicholas, James Cosmo and Jonathan Pryce. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol will be available exclusively on Netflix from December.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead is coming soon to Netflix

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be released on Netflix next month. The last season of the popular series was divided into three parts. The first two of these have since been broadcast in the United States. There has been a bug with rights for some time, but it seems to have been mitigated. New episodes will be released on Netflix on August 22!

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Stacey Farber wanted to play a different role in Virgin River

Stacy Farber plays Tara Anderson in Virgin River. She played one of the most emotional roles after her mother Lily was diagnosed with cancer. Lily died in her sleep and was discovered by Tara. Now it’s up to Tara to raise baby Lily Chloe. Many fans love Tara, but she actually wanted a different role: Brie (Zimbaby Allen): “I got hold of during the pandemic, so I was grateful to have a job. I don’t know if people knew this, but I’ve already auditioned for part of Wild “.

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