Netflix confirms upcoming live streaming feature with a twist

Netflix confirms upcoming live streaming feature with a twist

In addition to streaming, users will soon be able to stream live via Netflix, the company confirmed to Deadline. With this feature, all kinds of shows can be streamed live and users can then participate, for example by casting their vote during a talent show. It is still unclear when the new feature will be launched; Only a small team is currently working on the feature.

Netflix isn’t the first streaming service to go live with the concept of streaming. For example, Disney + broadcasts the live broadcast “Dance with the Beginning” in the United States. So, strictly speaking, the TV show was again broadcast in linear via the streaming service, which is ironic because the broadcast frenzy is supposed to replace linear TV. In the case of Netflix, the interactive element will therefore be an enriching factor.

When interaction is not relevant, but live broadcasting is necessary, in the sports category. According to Deadline, Netflix is ​​not yet looking at ways to stream sports matches live via the streaming service, which could be a missed opportunity.

Netflix often tests new functions, including streaming games recently

Source: Netflix (via Deadline)

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