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Nene Leakes

Nene Lakes broke down in tears at “Tamron Hall,” as she spoke about her controversial exit from RHOA. Nene explained why she felt “out” of the privilege and revealed what she wanted from a meeting with Bravo.

Nene Lakes Achieve a new level of candor with a virtual appearance on Tamron Hall on Friday. the previous The Real Housewives of Atlanta The 52-year-old star revealed more details about her shocking exit from the show, including why she believed she was “forced out” of the franchise – a claim she made earlier in a YouTube video Andy Cohen On September 29.

They showed six episodes. Usually I do 8-23 [episodes per season]Nene revealed the alleged deal that was offered to her by Bravo RHOAThe upcoming thirteenth season. She noted that despite the change in episodes, “my salary will not be reduced.” However, it wasn’t all about Nene’s money.

Basically what happened during the past four years, I felt compelled to quit. She said, “I felt my role was dwindling,” explaining, “Every year they’d give me fewer and fewer episodes and every year they’d be like Nene. It wasn’t me, I was trying to understand why I was given less and less each season of a program I helped achieve success. ”Nene was with RHOA Since its inception in 2009.

Nene Leakes for “RHOA”. (Photo credit: Tommy Garcia / Bravo)

After a commercial break, Tamron revealed that Nene wept behind the scenes until the second part of the interview began. When asked why she was so hurt about the situation with Bravo, Nene said, “I think the biggest thing is loving someone or caring for them or feeling loyalty to them and not getting the same thing in return.”

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In the days leading up to her interview, Nene took to Twitter with a number of allegations against the network, claiming that she had been subjected to discrimination, among other serious allegations about racism. When asked if she plans to pursue any legal action towards Bravo, Nene admits that she hopes the parties can work things out behind the scenes.

“I hope we don’t have to go that far. Hopefully there is some kind of sitting or something we can do behind the scenes. I want you to understand that I’ve worked with these people for years. I cry, I loved them as if they were my family,” she said. When you watch these shows, you only see what is happening on the surface, not behind the scenes. “

As for what you want from a possible meeting with Bravo? – “I cannot tell you everything I want from them, but I can tell you that I want fair treatment.” Nene said “I deserve fair treatment.” “I didn’t do anything that no one did there, or I didn’t do worse … [I want] On a bench at the table. ”“ I don’t want another young woman to experience the things I had to go through. ”

Nene drops out of watching what happens live with Andy Cohen
Nene Leakes on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.” (Image credit: Bravo)

Nene has been making headlines since she announced her exit from RHOA Last month. “There was a lot of emotion on both sides,” she said in a YouTube video posted on September 17th. “It was difficult and I made a difficult and difficult decision not to participate in The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13. “

A spokesperson for Bravo said at the time Hollywood LifeWe wish Nene all the best in her future endeavors and we thank her for sharing her journey of more than a decade with fans. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. You have played a major role from the start and are really going to miss it, maybe one day you’ll catch peaches again. ”

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However, things took a dramatic turn in the days after Nene’s announcement. On September 27th Wendy Williams He appeared in an episode of Watch what happens live with Andy CohenWhere she discussed Nene’s exit from the show. If you weren’t cornered, Nene and Wendy are no longer friends due to talk show host’s constant comments about Nene on her show.

“I think that’s not the truth,” Wendy told Andy of Nene leaving RHOA. ″ Nene has left the show a few times and will get back to you. Nene loves attention, dramatic attention. “

Nene didn’t take Wendy’s comments well and made her known on Twitter afterward WWHL Aired. Nene tweeted “BYE QUEENS!” WWHL And the The Wendy Show. Nene also shared Tweets from other fans who criticized Andy for bringing Wendy to his show Just to Talk About Nene.

But it didn’t end there. Nene expressed her frustration with Wendy and Andy in a 7-minute YouTube video (mentioned at the top) on September 29. The reality star made a bunch of insults at both hosts, when she first claimed she was “forced out” of RHOA. Andy has yet to address Nene’s claim.

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