Navalny’s daughter receives the Father’s Award | abroad

Navalny's daughter receives the Father's Award |  abroad

Navalny, 45, has been serving a prison sentence since returning from Germany at the beginning of this year. There he underwent treatment after being poisoned in his homeland. In Russia, Navalny fought against the corruption of the Putin regime and exposed many violations. In doing so, he made millions of Russians stand on their own feet.

“Suppose no one can associate Russia with the Putin regime,” said 20-year-old student and blogger Daria. According to her, people who see a solution in the emergence of dictators are on the wrong track. Also, the European Union must remain true to its ideals, “faithful to those great ideas upon which it is based. We are committed to a Europe of ideas to celebrate human rights, democracy and integrity,” Navalny’s daughter said in her acceptance speech.

“He was threatened, tortured, poisoned, arrested and arrested but they could not silence him,” said Parliament Speaker David Sassoli. Also attending the ceremony in Strasbourg was Leonid Volkov, one of Navalny’s political advisors and campaign manager during the 2018 elections. Named after Soviet dissident and Nobel Prize winner Andrei Sakharov, the Human Rights Prize has been awarded since 1988. The winner will receive €50,000.

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