Navalny was taken to hospital due to his worsening condition | abroad

Navalny was taken to hospital due to his worsening condition |  abroad

Navalny’s supporters said days ago that he could die at any moment. According to the prison, Navalny accepts vitamins and takes good care of him in the hospital ward of the institution. The opposition leader is on hunger strike because he wants to contact a doctor of his choice due to various health complaints.

Navalny was imprisoned for two and a half years in February in connection with a sentence that has been suspended for years. He wouldn’t have kept the terms. Because of his long struggle against corruption via social media, he is one of the main opponents of the Kremlin and billionaires in and around this center of power.

On Monday, Russia rejected calls from Western leaders about Navalny’s health, describing it as meddling in matters that do not interest them. According to a government spokesperson, the health of convicts in Russia cannot be considered in their favor.

Navalny’s supporters want to demonstrate again on Wednesday for his release. Police have warned that these are illegal activities without permission from local authorities. The government will deploy all forces to maintain law and order, according to a warning from the Interior Ministry.

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