NATO sends reinforcements to Eastern Europe | abroad

NATO sends reinforcements to Eastern Europe |  abroad

Russia has amassed many soldiers along the Ukrainian border and is preparing to launch an offensive, according to the United States. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but the military alliance says it will not accept an attack on the country. In this case, Western countries will announce severe sanctions against Russia. Neighboring NATO countries such as Poland and the Baltic states also feel threatened by Russia.

The Netherlands announced earlier that it will send two F-35s to Bulgaria and has an amphibious transport ship with a landing craft, helicopters and two land units ready. Moreover, France sends reinforcements to Romania, Denmark to Lithuania and the Baltic Sea.

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Stoltenberg welcomes the additional troops contributed by the Allies. NATO will continue to “take all necessary measures to protect and defend all Allies, including by strengthening the eastern part of the Alliance.”

The Secretary-General of NATO indicated that NATO first deployed its forces in Poland and the Baltic states after Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea. They had to “make it clear that an attack on one ally is an attack on the whole alliance”.

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