NASA opens the first official investigation into a UFO: This is historic

NASA opens the first official investigation into a UFO: This is historic

No, there is no “evidence” that UAPs, and unidentified atmospheric phenomena — which you previously called Unidentified Flying Objects — are extraterrestrial, the space agency explicitly stated in its announcement. But NASA now sees reason to open an official investigation into the phenomenon, it announced during a press conference broadcast live Thursday evening. He stated that the organization had not ruled out any possible explanation in advance. Not even a foreigner.

To date, the US Department of Defense has collected at least 400 unexplained reports from UAPs. Think of fighter pilots who see flying objects making inexplicable movements from their cockpit or on their radar equipment.


“This is historical,” says philosopher Teddy Smedes, author of a book on the phenomenon of UFOs and co-author with “In the 75 years since UFOs were reported, NASA, to my knowledge, has not been actively involved in this phenomenon before.”

The new investigation is separate from investigations already underway at the US Department of Defense. For example, last May there was another public hearing before the US Congress on the progress of the latest investigation. But at the time, both enthusiasts and skeptics of the UFO phenomenon had the basic impression that the Department of Defense had approached the investigation somewhat clumsy.

In this regard, NASA promises a completely different approach. The research will be led by astrophysicists David Spiergel, former chair of astronomy at Princeton University, and Daniel Evans of NASA. Spergel previously worked on NASA’s successful Wmap mission, which mapped the cosmic microwave background radiation – the ‘afterglow’ of the birth of the universe during the Big Bang.

“Because there are so few good observations available, our first task is to collect the strongest set of data possible. From citizens, government, businesses, and nonprofits. Then we will decide how best to study that data,” Spergel said in his press release.

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“It’s also very special that this research is being released to the public,” Smedes says. This is in contrast to the current government investigation. For example, the UFO report released by the Department of Defense in 2021 contained only nine public pages, as well as a classified facility of unknown length. This was followed by a closed segment also in the public hearing before Congress in May. UFO followers suspect the military is concerned that details of the investigation may also inadvertently reveal something about the capabilities of military technology.

Since the American newspaper New York times Revealed in 2017 that the Pentagon was running a secret UFO investigation program and now has ceased, the topic is becoming increasingly mysterious, especially in the United States. The phenomenon of UFOs is more and more discussed in politics and the media. With NASA’s announcement, this increased public and military interest is now followed by a renewed interest by science.

“Unspecified phenomena in the atmosphere are of interest to both national and atmospheric security,” NASA wrote in its statement.

The institute expects the new research to take about nine months. This explicitly relates to a first attempt to take an inventory, later to be followed by a large-scale research project.

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