NASA has reached Mars with persistence, the robot that will search for life’s traces

NASA has reached Mars with persistence, the robot that will search for life's traces

The Perseveranc rover reached Mars and shared a picture (Image: NASA)

Perseverance, NASA rover, It managed to land on Mars on Thursday In his most dangerous endeavor yet in an epic quest to recover the rocks that could answer the question of whether life ever exists on the Red Planet.

“You’ve reached Mars well. Perseverance can go anywhere,” the NASA rover account tweeted.

Mission controllers at the Space Agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, watched the persistence of its descent to the surface of Mars, at a site that proved to be a deadly trap for spacecraft. It took 11 and a half minutes for the signal to reach Earth from Mars To confirm whether it has landed successfully. To do this, he had to travel 470 million kilometers.

“Landing confirmation. The countdown to Mars is complete, but the mission has just begun,” Nasa tweeted along with a video as all staff celebrated the arrival of the rover.

Spaceships that attempted to land on Mars have skipped, burned when entering its atmosphere, crashed on the surface, or plunged into the middle of a fierce dust storm only to send out one blurry gray image before stopping forever. Nearly 50 years after our first stumble on Mars, NASA made its hardest landing so far.

Miguel San Martin, an Argentine who works for NASA

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The explorer descended on an 8 x 6.4 km (5 x 4 mi) expanse to the shore of an ancient river delta. It’s full of cliffs, wells, sand dunes and rocky fields, any of which could spoil the $ 3 billion mission. The ground that was also submerged by water It can contain evidence of past livesAll the more reason to collect samples here and return to Earth in 10 years.

The landing of this six-wheeled vehicle is the planet’s third visit to Mars in a week. Two spacecraft from the United Arab Emirates and China entered orbit around the planet on consecutive days last week.

All three expeditions set off in July to take advantage of the relatively close alignment between Earth and Mars, traveling about 480 million kilometers (300 million miles) in about seven months.

On reaching Mars, Perseverance also displayed an image of her new home, where she will be forever.

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