NASA Curiosity rover starts epic ‘summer street trip’ throughout Mars

NASA Curiosity rover starts epic 'summer road trip' across Mars

This mosaic of 118 images exhibits in which Curiosity is heading throughout Mars towards the sulfate-bearing device. 


NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover will be the envy of all road trippers. It will not likely have to listen to “Are we there however?” There will never be any gasoline station toilet pit stops. It will just wind its way across the Gale Crater on Mars, heading for new adventures at the significantly-expected “sulfate-bearing unit.”

The room agency on Monday announced Curiosity’s “summer season road trip” at Mount Sharp. “By trip’s end, the rover will be capable to ascend to the upcoming area of the 3-mile-tall Martian (5-kilometer-tall) mountain it is been discovering since 2014, looking for circumstances that may possibly have supported historical microbial everyday living,” NASA explained.

The sulfate-bearing device is the future important area of fascination now that Curiosity has completed checking out the clay-bearing unit

These parts highlight the record of drinking water in Gale Crater. “Sulfates, like gypsum and Epsom salts, ordinarily form all-around water as it evaporates, and they are but another clue to how the local weather and prospective customers for life adjusted approximately 3 billion years ago,” said NASA.  

If all goes properly, the rover will attain the sulfate location afterwards this 12 months, but only right after operating its way close to a wide sandy patch. NASA is effectively mindful of the dangers of Mars sand after its Spirit rover acquired trapped in a sand entice in 2009.

Curiosity will have to navigate tough terrain on what will shake out to be about a mile-long highway trip. The rover staff plans the basic route, but Curiosity’s automated systems will appear out for and reply to probable terrain hurdles as it travels.

Curiosity is NASA’s only performing rover on Mars suitable now, but the agency hopes to land its new Perseverance rover in February, assuming it launches on time in July or August. Then we are going to have even much more Mars road excursions to appear ahead to. 

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