NASA begins scientific research on unidentified flying objects

NASA begins scientific research on unidentified flying objects

NASA will conduct scientific research on unidentified flying objects, flying objects that cannot be identified as aircraft, or natural phenomena known to science. The US space agency announced this on Thursday. The study will begin in the fall and is expected to last nine months. NASA, stressing that there is no evidence of a strange origin for UFOs, said it would share the results publicly.

According to NASA, it is important for both national security and aviation to learn more about UFOs. So the team of scientists will study how best to collect information about UFOs and how the space agency can use this information. NASA stresses that it is difficult to draw scientific conclusions about UFOs.

120 unexplained apparitions

This new study is separate from other NASA studies of extraterrestrial life, such as other planets. For UFO research, which can cost a maximum of $100,000, the space agency uses, among other things, satellites and sensors through which it monitors Earth’s atmosphere and climate.

In recent years, the United States government has paid increasing attention to UFOs. In 2021, a Pentagon report of 120 unexplained appearances appeared in the sky. And in May this year, the Capitol held a hearing on the phenomenon for the first time in more than half a century. Then senior Pentagon staff discussed his findings with members of the House of Representatives.

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