NASA announces a new discovery of the moon

NASA announces a new discovery of the moon

WASHINGTON (News Nation Now) – NASA is expected to announce a new discovery of the moon on Monday.

The space agency plans to share results from the Stratosphere Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) during a press conference at 12 noon EST.

Sofia is the largest weather observatory in the world. Its telescope, nearly 9 feet high, flies over a Boeing 747 high in the atmosphere to provide a clear view of objects in the solar system.

“Flying above 99% of the mysterious water vapor in the atmosphere, observes Sophia in infrared wavelengths and can detect phenomena that are impossible to see with visible light,” NASA said in its statement.

The announcement comes as NASA prepares to send its first woman and next man to the moon in 2024. It is part of the agency’s 28 billion plan to return astronauts to the surface of the Moon in a powerful new rocket.

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