Naomi Osaka doesn’t appreciate success anymore: ‘I felt grateful’ | Tennis

Naomi Osaka doesn't appreciate success anymore: 'I felt grateful' |  Tennis

Osaka withdrew from starring at Roland Garros in May after saying her media obligations were hurting her mental health. The world number two also missed Wimbledon after bouts of depression and anxiety. She was part of the Olympiad, but was knocked out in the third round. The tournament in Cincinnati is its return to the WTA Tour.

“I wonder why I no longer want to talk to the press,” Osaka said at the press conference. BBC. Was it because of my fear, because I sometimes saw the headlines for players who lost and were described as ‘breaking down’ or ‘not that great anymore? “

Haiti in Afghanistan

The Japanese said she struggled to appreciate the positives of her success during that time. “It is an achievement in itself that there are people who want to come to my game and watch me play. It is not clear to me when I became less sensitive to that, but at a certain point I stopped seeing it as an achievement. It made me grateful.”

“When I see what the world is like, and how things are in Haiti (an earthquake and a big storm hit her father’s home, editor) and Afghanistan, I’d rather hit a tennis ball in the United States than be in someone else’s shoes.”

The world number two broke into tears on Monday night during her first press interview in three months when a reporter asked her why she refused to serve the interests of the media, when the media attention served her so well.

In a new episode of the Generation T podcast, four young Telegraaf journalists discuss how the taboo surrounding mental issues on social media is being broken:

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