Named messengers collect little information about users

The “Personal Data Collectors” ranking that appeared on the web turned out to be disappointing for WotsApp, Tik-Tok and Facebook Messenger, GM Arena reported in a post yesterday.

The purpose of the study is to determine how much information about users that messengers are interested in. The evaluation results confirm similar statistics from Apple and explain the reasons for the widespread campaign launched by Facebook to discredit Apple’s new operating system iOS 14.5.

The most secure messaging software for users is Signal. Skype and Zoom became its “partners” on the improvised platform. The discord and the telegram filled the “void” between the leaders and the foreigners.

Summary table of the number of user data collected by messaging programs

  1. Signal – 1 (phone number for registration).Rating of the most secure messengers
  2. Skype – 5.Rating of the most secure messengers
  3. Zoom in – 6.Rating of the most secure messengers
  4. Discord – 7.Rating of the most secure messengers
  5. Telegram – 7.Rating of the most secure messengers
  6. WhatsApp – 9.Rating of the most secure messengers
  7. Facebook Messenger – 14.Rating of the most secure messengers
  8. Tik Tok – 14.Rating of the most secure messengers

The post does not specify why the popular Viber messenger is absent in the rating and whether this means a drop in service without Facebook Messenger.

The skepticism is no less than the high score for WotsApp, which wants to know literally everything about users, including data on cash transactions (subscribers who refuse to “give the green light” to full monitoring will start to be disconnected from services this week).

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