N-VA Starts Its Campaign For Australian Asylum With …

N-VA start campagne voor Australisch asielmodel met pushbacks voor boten

Opposition party N-VA has launched a campaign on social media to bolster its defense of the Australian asylum model. In it, a person who illegally arrives in the European Union will not enjoy the right of residence. The party wants to strengthen its appeal with a decision in the House of Representatives.

The N-VA has been championing the Australian model for quite some time. The most controversial aspect of this immigration model is the return of boats carrying illegal immigrants and the long-term residence bans for those trying to reach the country illegally. In addition, refugees are transported by air and this model chooses a better reception in the region of origin.

The party points to the many deaths still to be mourned on their way to Europe. “He continues to hold the tap as long as European residency is granted after an illegal trip.” Representative Theo Franken said, “We encourage people smuggling instead of fighting them.”

In the video message, the former Minister of State emphasized that he was not seeking a pure copy of the Australian model, but for his own interpretation at the European level. “Australia is an island and the European Union is not,” she says. It also indicates the boat refugee shelters Australia has built on the islands. The situation there was “unacceptable,” it seems.

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