Mystery! John’s phone was available overnight! His mother called him, then this happened!

Mystery!  John's phone was available overnight!  His mother called him, then this happened!

The phone of Jovan Veselinovi (18), who disappeared on February 17 at 11 pm on Nemanjić Street and had not been available since 4 in the morning that night, became available briefly the next morning. After that, the mobile phone shuts down again. It is not yet known who operated the mobile phone for a short period.

“The mystery is that his phone was switched off at 4 am that night. His phone rang until 4 am, it was unavailable after that and then it was activated at 8 am, but only for a moment, Jovan Melika’s mother received a message that the phone was available again But the moment I tried to call his number it was not available again. So we have a mystery about it, we don’t know if he or someone stole his phone. These are all just assumptions, we have nothing tangible yet, ”says Nevina Kragic , Fashion designer and best friend of the missing young man’s family.


She says family friends and friends of Jovan combed the entire area as Jovan had disappeared and reviewed several hours of videos, but there is still no confirmed information about Jovan’s whereabouts.

“We passed the supposed road, from Bolivar Nimanjic to his house with the search dog. We couldn’t find anything. We passed several sites where they were commuting with his friends who were very engaged … Yesterday we saw hours upon hours of video recordings from the bus stop for Video clip found, but no trace.No information has been confirmed, even if it is in good faith.And the information that it is in Belgrade has not been 100% confirmed, so we appeal to people from Belgrade, especially from Mirievo. It does not hurt. He who has a good will, “says Kragic.

She says that Jovan’s disappearance surprised everyone and that no trace of his electronic communications was found that would suggest such a thing.

Police are working hard to highlight the disappearance of two teenagers from Nice.

“The police are working on the case, they are really flexible and helpful,” she added.

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