Mysterious case in the United States: A week after a young woman went missing during the flight, her fiancé was also missing

Mysterious case in the United States: A week after a young woman went missing during the flight, her fiancé was also missing

Gabe and boyfriend Brian took a vacation together in July to celebrate their engagement. The couple took off in a white Ford Transit and roamed the US states of Wyoming and Utah. They have made countless pristine nature videos and also filmed themselves laughing, kissing and running on the beaches. Since then, one of the videos has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

However, two weeks later – on September 1 – Brian returned to their Florida home on his own. There was no trace of his fiancée. Her parents reported her missing ten days later. Brian has so far refused to speak to the investigation team and her parents about the disappearance.

The police believed that the young man was staying with his parents. Now it seemed that he had suddenly disappeared from the globe for four days. He is likely on the run… “To be clear, he is not missing, he is hiding somewhere,” Pettito’s family said in a press release.

“We’ve been trying to speak with his family and Brian himself for a week,” police spokesman Josh Taylor said. Yesterday we got a call from his parents. Now they say they never saw their son, and that’s another development in this story.”


The FBI searched the parents’ house yesterday and took some items. “We understand very well that the environment responds to frustration. We have the same feeling. The situation is constantly changing, and we now want first and foremost to get the facts right.”

Police also confirmed that testimony from TikTokster is under further investigation. She claimed in a video that she and her boyfriend took a roving ride in Grand Teton National Park on August 29. Now you realize that was Laundry.

“He even offered $200 (170 euros) to ride, but we let him sit in the back of our jeep for free,” said the woman. “When I arrived half an hour later on our way to Jackson Hole, he got worried. Suddenly he wanted to get out as fast as he could. Then he tried to arrange a new elevator across the street.”

The strange encounter occurred one day before Pettito’s mother received a final text from her daughter. However, she wonders if it was really Gabe who sent that message.

police intervention

Remarkably, a recording of the young couple actually appeared during the police intervention. However, on August 12, police stopped them near Arches National Park for speeding. The video shows Gabi crying. “We argued about some personal matters this morning,” she said. “Some days I really suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. I apologized to him because then I really could be.” The argument could have arisen because Laundry got into the truck with dirty feet.

Laundry explained to the police how he got scratches on his face. She tried to take the keys from me. She tried to calm her down, but then she slammed with her cell phone.” In the end, no one had to go into the office. They were about to get married and “absolutely didn’t want” anyone to be accused of a crime, said Raffles.

AFP photo


Meanwhile, the American woman’s relatives are approaching in despair. They demand that Laundry answer the question why he left Gabe alone and drove her truck to Florida.

Her parents even addressed Laundry’s parents with a letter. “We ask for your help in finding our daughter,” it sounds to her. “We understand that it is a difficult period for you too. Of course you want to protect your son, but also put yourself in our shoes. We can no longer sleep or eat. You ruined our lives.”

They say “We think you know where Brian Gabe left.” “Please tell us. How can you inflict us as parents with such pain? Also think about what Gabe’s younger siblings have to go through.”

“Gabi has been living in your house for over a year. She will be your daughter-in-law. How can you keep her location secret? If you have any decency, at least let us know if we’re looking in the right direction. We just want Gabe to come home.”

He is silent at my request.

Laundry’s lawyer says his client does not comment on the case solely at his request. In my experience, the partner is often the first person I bring to the attention of the police in such cases. Steve Bertolino said the warning that “anything you say can be used against you” is true, regardless of whether my client has anything to do with Ms Pettito’s disappearance.

The truck, which was equipped with a bed and a small living room, was seized for investigation. Laundry is not yet officially a suspect, but has been designated a “VIP”. This term is used in US law to describe a person who may have been involved in a crime but has not been arrested (yet).

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