My mother pulls three children from school in a class due to the Corona virus, after students asked to remove masks

My mother pulls three children from school in a class due to the Corona virus, after students asked to remove masks

Mother pulled her three children from school in a row on face masks.

Susan Byrne, 48, vowed to keep her children at home after claiming they were told not to wear their masks at school.

Woodchurch High School, in Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside, said it had made a “ well-informed decision ” in line with national guidelines not to require wearing masks, according to Liverpool Echo reports.

However, Suzanne says she will not allow her children to return to the classroom without masks because she and her daughter are “so vulnerable”.

She and her sons Angelo Galindo, 15, Roman Galindo, 13, and her daughter Ireland Galindo, 12, have protected throughout the pandemic.

Suzanne said Angelo called her just an hour after the school day to say he was asked to take off his mask.

Susan pledged to keep her children out of school due to the row of face masks

The mother added, “My daughter is very disabled and weak, and so am I.

“There is no point in protecting my daughter if my children do not receive the same protection.

“We will stay away from school until they wear masks.”

Susan also spoke about the sacrifices her family made during the lockdown and appealed to the school to show flexibility.

She said, “There are government directives, but there is no saying that masks should be banned.

Common sense must prevail. You cannot negate the need to protect yourself and your family by telling you that you cannot wear a mask.

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“We stayed until August, now we go out, the boys were awesome, always wearing their masks when we go out.

We didn’t do that in six months, just to risk our health now. I’m just sitting here (at home) until we can reach some kind of compromise. “

After the phone call from Angelo, Susan went straight to school and protested that her children be allowed to wear masks.

Woodchurch High School said it follows national guidelines

According to Suzanne, the school simply said it is its policy that children not wear face masks at school.

The dispute has torn social media users over who is right, with dozens of people standing by Suzanne on Facebook.

Joyce Bird said, “Okay she’s. She’s right. I’ll do the same. Hope she gets there.”

Rebecca Rose also said: “Masks are more to protect others, but they also provide the wearer with a little protection, which is better than nothing. Good on them.”

A number of others also commented that if he had made Susan and her children feel safe, they should have been allowed to wear them.

Sarah Evans said, “I’m so disgusted – why would you do this to anyone if it makes them less anxious.”

Sheila O’Driscoll added: “I can’t see the problem with her wanting her kids to wear a mask. Let them go.

“She should be allowed to protect her children, it should be up to the individual in my opinion.”

But other parents commented, saying that they agree with the school and are happy that wearing masks is not mandatory.

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Tina Chairs said, “My boys also go to Woodchurch and I’m glad they weren’t forced to wear them.

“It has to be an individual choice whether you want it or not.”

John Luxton added, “Well done for the teachers. I was a teacher until I retired in December.

“I absolutely do not want my children or I to wear face coverings.

“Science is very shaky about this issue as well.”

“The school is following national guidelines, as set by (the government). To this end, we have completed risk assessments and submitted them to the relevant external agencies,” said Rebecca Phillips, principal of Woodchurch High School.

“At this point, and in line with government guidelines, the school can exercise discretion over wearing face masks. So we made an informed decision that the routine wearing of face coverings is not required, as the school is not located in a high-risk area at this time, and is therefore not subject to closure.” the local”.

Ms Phillips said the health and safety of the pupils was at the top of the school’s priority list as the children returned.

She added, “We will continue to follow government guidelines and make adjustments and changes as necessary and as directed, for the sake of the safety and well-being of all members of our community. Unfortunately, one parent chose to take her children out of school.”

“Nevertheless, the school is pleased with the tremendously high level of attendance today, and the tremendous support from our families.

“The health and safety of our children remains paramount, along with preserving their education.”

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The government does not recommend wearing face coverings in schools outside of local lockdown areas.

A government spokesperson said: “Nationwide, the government does not recommend face coverings around children and face coverings are necessary in educational settings in general because the control system, applied to all educational settings, provides additional mitigation measures.

“Schools and colleges will have discretion to request face coverage in indoor common areas where social distancing cannot be managed safely, if they believe this is true in their own circumstances.”

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