Municipalities receive millions of people with housing status | the interior

Municipalities receive millions of people with housing status |  the interior

The Ministry of the Interior has reported that 13 municipalities will receive money for additional housing for asylum seekers who are allowed to remain in the Netherlands. With about fifteen million euros, approximately 800 living places will be arranged for “permit holders” until the end of 2023. In addition, there will be about 600 living places for other groups.

“After obtaining a residence permit, it is now taking a long time before people can move to where they live,” says outgoing Minister Olungren. As a result, asylum reception is still too full and permit holders cannot start building their lives in the Netherlands. Thus municipalities can provide additional living spaces to permit holders and other groups more quickly.”

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Additional homes are located in the municipalities of Hengelo, The Hague, Meierijstad, Amersfoort, Alkmaar, Middelburg, Breda, Veenendaal, Purmerend, Assen, Renkum, Grave and Vijfheerenlanden.

In view of the shortage and the number of status holders in the asylum reception center, “catching up” is a point in the ocean. Within two years, 800 living accommodations must be arranged, while there are already approximately 12,000 asylum seekers with residency status at the reception. They occupy places, which means that the centers for asylum seekers are currently overcrowded.

Attempts are also made to accommodate holders of status elsewhere in the Netherlands in other ways. Municipalities, for example, can rely on the COA hotel and accommodation system. The House of Representatives will discuss, on Wednesday, housing for the owners of residence.

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