MSI 2022 Generation Laptops – Meta-Ready and Liquid Metal Cooling: – Hi-Tech Lifestyle

MSI 2022 Generation Laptops - Meta-Ready and Liquid Metal Cooling: - Hi-Tech Lifestyle

Foot MSI the may be Last laptopDislikes de games and othersI Create From withţheld on occasion Event virtual MSIology: Gameverse. MSI does not do that no more who – which a chest One of the the may be High performance laptops AlsoţComplexAnd But a sţin a and othersI the series laptopDislikes “Meta-Ready”, to a Connection Users No metaverses.

MSI Stealth GS77, who – whichand otherswon the Awards CES 2022 Innovation Awards, comes with a design the new Care Transfer Palamawa to Center and othersI used Material may be strongAnd The resulting the durability From two or may be big From the Models above.

Stealth GS77 ARe-un the trackpad more by 50%, Offers 8% keys may be big and vine with stopper the area to a Add a level additional From close onesţiality.

MSI Stealth Gs77 that it armed with the may be Last Healer Intel Core from racesţhe A 12 A and othersI Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 You are.

Will be MSI Raider GE 2022 Offers the may be Last Healer Intel Corporation Nucleus i9 from 12 racesţin another meaning, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 You and integrated technology MSI Overpost exclusive, Care Offers Even 220 from WaţI In the sum. he is called by 13% may be MuchAnd In the Comparingţin another meaning with else Trademarks.

Both MSI Stealth GS77 and GE Raider series equipped with Intel Core i9 processors Exclusive new “phase change liquid metal pad” cooling technology. When the computer’s temperature reaches 58°C (136°F), it slows downţmetal meltsand othersin a and othersAnd fill the spaţbetween processor and othersand cooling block. This moveţMakes heat transfer more efficient than traditional thermal pastaţNational and othersIt is more reliable than the solutionţWith liquid metal. With the new high-performance cooling technologyţgeneral centerand othersup to 10%.

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MSI’s collaboration with Ubisoft led to the birth of the new editionţThe second of the laptop Crosshair 15 Rainbow Six Extraction Edition. Inspired by the colors of the game, the new device is coming In shades of yellow and green and othersAnd blue, typical of a title popular in the gaming world.

MSI Crosshair 15 Rainbow Six Extraction Edition

Designed for FPS players, the MSI Crosshair 15 is equipped with a 240Hz QHD display and othersAnd graphics up to Nvidia RTX 3070Ti, which is greatand othersYou have a total graphics power of 140WţI, CREEand othersWith approximately 50% of the additional energy faţAverage laptops with theseand othersI specţSecondly.

The new Crosshair 15 is and othersI’m a “meta ready” laptop.

The “Meta Ready” is also the latest MSI laptop from the Content Creation series. MSI Creator Z17 și Creator Z16P They use displays with MSI True Pixel technology, which reach 100% DCI-P3 color standard and Delta-E <2 color accuracy. Furthermore, to increase efficiency, the new Creator Series comes equipped with the latest 12th generation Intel i9 processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics.

MSI Creator Z17 si Creator Z16P

Creator Z17 suggests 16:10 golden ratio display and and othersaluminum hub. It also integrates a full-size UHS Express card reader and supports the MSI Pen – the first 17-inch laptop to support stylus touch.

The MSI Creator Z16P is an update to the Creator Z16. It is built with new solutionsţMSI “Steam Room Chiller”. According to MSI, the cooling area is increased by 76%, thus providing 65% more airflow, increasing performanceţup to 70% faţto generateţTake the former.

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New MSI laptops are slated to launch in the near future, but we don’t have any information yet on commercial availability and recommended pricing.

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