Mrs. Ermellose, Netherlands, exchanges the village for the home of the Groningen students

Mrs. Ermellose, Netherlands, exchanges the village for the home of the Groningen students

We have a very nice advice for you! In the NTR series Jouw Stad and Ons Dorp, townspeople and villagers exchange homes and fireplaces, resulting in very hilarious scenes. What exactly is my kind viewing advice? There is a whole episode on Ermelo!

This season’s first episode of Jouw Stad, Ons Dorp premiered on April 22 at 9.30 PM on NPO1. For the episode in which Ermelo appeared (Episode 3), you can now turn back, because she was on the tube on Wednesday May 13th.

Your city, our village

As a city dweller, how do you deal with peace, space and social control in the countryside and how, as a villager, can you experience the hustle and bustle of the melting pot of nationalities, but also a wide variety of shops, restaurants and city culture? In six episodes of Jouw Stad and Ons Dorp, twelve families and a spouse will test them to see if they are happier in urban concrete or the promised countryside.

Who shall we see?

Mrs Netherlands Universe 2015 Sophia de Boer with partner Erik Kwant from Ermelo. Hey, do we know that from somewhere? It is possible that Sophia has introduced several items to SBS and RTL, but it may also be that your daughter knows Roxanne Quandt from RUMAG Movies and her YouTube channel.

Sophia and Erik Ermelo have traded in Groningen, where they temporarily live in the student house of Groningen and where they go to the rowing club. Of course there is an exchange, so students leave Lisa and Jurjen from the student house of Groningen for the life of Ermelo Village.

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When you watch

The episode aired on Wednesday May 13th at 9:30 PM NPO1. Did you miss it Then look back over this NPO link and see how Sophia, Erik, Lisa and Jurjen deal!

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