Most of the speed cameras are not in residential areas

Most of the speed cameras are not in residential areas

Furthermore, 31 percent are in a shopping district without homes and 24 percent are in a mall, so also without homes.

In all, Colliers had 123 branches of express delivery companies. Amsterdam has so far more than 34, followed by Rotterdam (11), The Hague (8) and Utrecht and Eindhoven (both 6). There are four active companies in the Netherlands. Flink is the largest with 63 distribution centers, followed by Gorillas with 29, Getir with 25 and Zapp with 6.

According to Colliers, it is best for companies to move the thirteen locations in residential areas to business parks or shopping streets. “It is critical to its growth that speed cameras continue to effectively reduce nuisance and ensure that they fit well in the street scene. This can also be done by not masking shop windows anymore.” Because of the often colored windows, distribution centers are also called dark stores call.

behavioral rules

Amsterdam has already said about four branches that should be closed. One of those is already closed. Proceedings are still ongoing for the other three. The municipality has also decided that, in principle, speed cameras may only be located outside residential areas. Rotterdam is also working to establish rules about this. In response to the steps taken by the municipalities, the speed cameras have come up with a common code of conduct to prevent inconvenience.

This week, Gorillas decided to shorten their business hours by an hour from midnight to 11 p.m. “We want to use this to reduce potential inconvenience in the late evening hours,” the company said. The company also says it has not pledged to deliver groceries to a customer within ten minutes for some time.

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How can speed cam providers at your door be so fast with groceries and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a fast, bulky service? NOS op 3 made this video:

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