Morocco votes against Israel at the United Nations

Morocco votes against Israel at the United Nations

By 98 votes to 17, with 52 abstentions, the UN General Assembly passed an anti-Israel resolution requesting the International Court of Justice to give an opinion on “the illegal nature of Israel’s activities in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank”.

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Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine were among the countries that voted in favor of the request. The United States, Germany, Canada, the Czech Republic, Australia, Austria and Italy voted against the resolution. Among the 52 countries that abstained from voting, France. The resolution calls on the International Court of Justice to “consider the Israeli occupation as annexation due to its continuing nature.” For the text to enter into force, it will be submitted to the United Nations General Assembly after a vote.

Israel responded to the vote on the resolution. “Israel completely rejects the Palestinian proposal. It is a unilateral Palestinian process that violates the basic principles underlying the resolution of the conflict and could undermine any possibility of a future solution. The Palestinians are trying to replace negotiations with unilateral actions.” Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said, “The United Nations is used to attack Israel”.

“Such a measure does not change the reality on the ground and does not benefit the Palestinian people, but could lead to escalation, and support for such a measure means rewarding terrorism and participating in a campaign against Israel. We demand all countries that adopted the resolution. They supported reconsidering their position on the resolution,” Lapid said yesterday. Vote in the General Assembly. The path to resolving the conflict does not pass through the channels of the United Nations or any other international organization.”

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Morocco’s vote is expected to strain relations with its ally Israel.

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