More than half of the votes were revoked in the mail vote trial

More than half of the votes were revoked in the mail vote trial

Many mistakes were made in a trial that took place with the mail vote in The Hague. This year, people over the age of 70 are allowed to vote and of course that will be tested. But the trial in The Hague showed that more than half of the votes cast were declared null.

For example, it often turns out that the voting form has been placed in the wrong envelope or signed incorrectly. One participant thinks it’s just a “problem” with these envelopes, Omrop West tells. “I think for the really big people, I’m also a little bit older, and those with something with their fingers, it’s going to be very difficult.”

The Netherlands has 2.4 million voters aged 70 or over. The Home Office expects 28 percent to use it as well. If more than half of the votes were declared null, that would be over 300,000 votes.

“We didn’t test for nothing.”

“What you want is that everyone who has the right to vote in the Netherlands can also benefit from it,” Christian Democrat leader Wopke Hoekstra told Goedemorgen Nederland. “It’s good that we are testing this, but it also shows that we still have to do something about it.”

Hoekstra maintains that he also hopes everyone will benefit from the right to vote. “And he can do that. We have to go further. We haven’t tested for nothing, but it needs to be improved. It has to be the case that people can do it in a safe way.”

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Written by: Bert Van Dorn

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