More than a thousand passengers affected by the failure of Eindhoven airport

Foto: Omroep Brabant

More than a thousand passengers were affected by a baggage system malfunction at Eindhoven Airport this weekend. Flights that were unable to leave on Saturday evening departed through Sunday. The baggage system issue has been resolved since 7am on Sunday. An airport spokesman said.

On Saturday there were already hundreds of people who had to wait a long time for planes to arrive due to the malfunction. Many departing flights were delayed and passengers were stranded at the airport. Travelers complained of long waiting times and a lack of information. The glitch in the baggage-handling system also caused a lot of inconvenience on Sunday.

The station is open at night
“Four flights were canceled on Saturday due to the outage and three were postponed to Sunday,” says Judith de Roy of Eindhoven Airport. “There are about a thousand people who did not leave on time, went home or stayed in hotels.” .. Some people spent the night at the airport. “The crossing is usually closed at night, but we kept it open last night and dozens of people stayed there,” said de Roy.

There were a lot of people on social media with complaints about the way they were helped during the power outage. “They leave people to their own devices,” wrote Cherina. She wanted to go to Rome with her family on Saturday, but she had to wait eight hours. “No one from Ryanair, no crisis management, but Eindhoven also had nothing extra to eat, no hotel and, if you wanted, everything was full.” According to De Roy, the job of airlines is to arrange reception for their passengers.

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“The malfunction was caused by a computer error in the baggage system and unfortunately this has happened quite often,” the spokeswoman says. “Flights will not be affected after the interruption in the coming days,” he added. According to Judith de Roy, the long queues that stood in front of the airport on Sunday afternoons are part of the regular crowd. “He’s just really busy.”

Passengers who exited the terminal on Sunday say they found their luggage in the baggage claim area, and everything appears to be back to normal.

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