More than 90,000 complaints received about sexual exploration in the USA | Abroad

More than 90,000 complaints received about sexual exploration in the USA |  Abroad

More than 90,000 people reported since February that they had been sexually assaulted by Boy Scouts in the United States. The number comes from the compensation fund that was created in connection with the abuse scandal. Monday night was the deadline for victims to qualify for compensation.

More than 90,000 complaints were filed. According to Michael Pfau, a lawyer working on behalf of multiple victims, this number far exceeds the number of sexual assault complaints in the Roman Catholic Church. “As far as we know, there are 11,000 complaints about the Catholic Church around the world,” said Andrew Van Arsdel, a lawyer who helps victims of abuse.

Revelations of sexual assault in BSA were exposed in 2012. The Los Angeles Times published thousands of pages of documents showing that the association covered decades of sexual abuse by thousands of volunteers. Then there were 5,000 files, which was equivalent to the number of suspected perpetrators. Until then, the BSA kept this information confidential. Often no report was submitted to the authorities.

In recent years, lawsuits have increased against the Crime Act, in part due to legislative changes in several US states that extend the statute of limitations to the sexual assault of minors. “We are horrified at the number of people who have suffered the abuses that have occurred in Scouts and have been affected by the courage of those who have broken the silence,” the Scout Association of America said in a statement. . The total number of complaints.

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“We have voluntarily opened an easily accessible procedure to help victims claim compensation. Their reactions are heartbreaking and we sincerely regret,” the organization added. Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910, and has nearly 2.2 million members between the ages of 5 and 21. .

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