More Arrests for GGD Data Breach | Interior

More Arrests for GGD Data Breach |  Interior

“When malicious people deliberately extract data from a system, it is almost impossible to prevent it. Any system is as strong as its weakest link, and people are usually the weakest link. We are glad that at the end of last week – when it became known that personal data was over It took the command outside our “gates” – two people were arrested on the spot. And many more last week, “writes the service.

Under the Frequently Asked Questions heading, GGD states that issues are also delaying action: “Restrictions on people’s access to data slow down the speed at which we can do our work and lengthen lead times. For example, the speed with which we can pass test results and enter test agreements.”

GGD used, among other things, CoronIT. As far as we can see now, the personal data of individuals has been extracted from CoronIT. “There are no datasets with data from thousands (or more) people,” the organization said.

‘Malicious intent’

As far as we can see now, this has nothing to do with or has nothing to do with system failure, malfunction, or potential insecurity. In this case, it is not about system errors, but about malicious intent and the desire to win something in the back of others. “

The service says the system is relatively new. GGDs started working with this when we received an order from the Department of Health, Welfare, and Sports to screen people for coronavirus. Everything was prepared in a very short time and under very high pressure. Because the virus did not wait. The test streets had to be established as quickly as possible. A system in which data is stored. A good and safe system – it is. ”However, it is not perfect and the improvement is” absolutely “.

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GGD also uses HPZone, a “relatively open” system from 2003 (“We had nothing better”). The system has also been misused: “Some people have now taken advantage of this openness. They have removed personal data from HPZone against the rules and regulations and offered it for sale. We can’t say anything about how much data they care about and who.”

Sales data

The perpetrators appear to have offered data from GGD systems for sale or shared it with unauthorized people, according to GGD reports. But there are no indications that this will work: “To be clear: we (GGD, police and judicial authorities) have heard that datasets are on display, but it has not been noticed that they have actually been sold or traded.

Still GGD is extremely disappointed: “Because this distracts from what we should be doing in the country: making sure we get the devastating and disruptive coronavirus and keep it under control. All focus and energy should be on that. Also ours.”

On Friday, the service opened a special number for concerned persons with questions: 085-226-1308. It is available every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

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