Montoya: “Formula 1 is now the best place to be”

Montoya: "Formula 1 is now the best place to be"

According to Juan Pablo Montoya, Formula 1 is now a much better place compared to his time in the sport. This tells the Colombian in a conversation with For example, the former Williams and McLaren driver thinks the sport is also headed in the right direction and that sprinting is a good idea. He also sees an important role for esports in the future of Formula 1.

Montoya is now active in the US IMSA Championship and also has experience with IndyCar, the variant of Formula 1 in the US. He is happy to see that, according to him, both groups are heading in the right direction for the future: “Formula 1 became so exciting when Liberty Media took charge. It has changed a lot and has become a much better place. People have gotten much kinder.

Sprint races are good for Formula 1

While Montoya was still driving in Formula 1 (between 2001 and 2005, ed) it was still a dream that some teams would have more time to develop their cars and have a budget cap. Nowadays, it’s a fact and Montoya believes it’s a good development, as long as it will be verified: “ The difference is likely Gaps For you to work with it. If you give the best people in their profession half the time, they will likely do better.

However, Montoya thinks it will be better for Formula 1 in the long run: “ It’s good if the pitch gets closer together. It will be useful for fans and for show. The best teams will continue to win. They hardly have any limits to their abilities, they really do everything to win.

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The arrival of sprint races is also good news, according to Montoya, especially for fans. He finds, for example, that the attention of home viewers is too weak to watch a two-hour race, especially if the track procedure isn’t exciting enough: “ It’s not a problem for people like me, but for the younger generation, yeah. Sprint races then a good thing.

Montoya is passionate about esports

Montoya will continue to talk about this younger generation, because according to him, esports will play a big role in the future of Formula 1: ‘It opens the doors for those who have less money in their pockets. If you really want to race, you will lose a lot of money quickly. Whatever go-kart you spend, you’ll likely get the best simulator possible for it. After that, you don’t need anything anymore, maybe you spend another 100 euros on games and some jobs, but that’s it.

“For children who have parents and other family members who work and cannot send their children to and supervise the kart racing track, esports is a good solution,” says Montoya, who details the skills she learns from driving in a simulator. “You have the time and dedication to do so.” . You have to make yourself mentally able to do everything as well as possible. Being fast on one lap is simple, speed over ten laps is another story.

Montoya himself has a son, Sebastian, who now drives in Formula 4 and also uses simulators. However, his dad also loves to use it. Take part in the virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans, along with drivers like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc: as a result, I have built many new relationships. Brings all social communication Very close to each other. Young people who otherwise would never have come close to their idols, and I’m talking about Verstappen and Leclerc and also Lando Norris, are now also building a relationship with them. It makes racing more accessible to the world outside of sports.

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