Mom who couldn’t find the favorite food for an autistic son was surprised by a warm gift

Mom who couldn't find the favorite food for an autistic son was surprised by a warm gift

A Brisbane mother struggling to find the favorite food for her autistic son was stunned

The company will reply after delivering it a box for free.

Leanne Page, 40, from Murrayfield, North Brisbane, was looking for Keith Foods Mini Dagwood Dogs.

Food selectivity is a common problem in children with autism, and the product is one of the only foods her three-year-old son Tyler eats.

She visited Woolworths about a month ago only to find out that they had run out of popular sausages on a stick.

“I couldn’t find it anywhere in a 50 km radius from where we live and all I did was call them and ask them if they had stopped buying stocks and where I could buy them. I never expected that they would hand me a box for free,” Ms. Page told

“For all this to happen, I am totally amazed. I have never cried much in my life.”

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To her amazement and delight, Mrs. Page said that she had spoken to a lovely lady by the name of Karen who went as far as to find her little boy a box of 30 and only led an hour and a half to deliver it.

Four days after the unexpected nod, Mrs. Page said she received a phone call from Karen with another surprise.

“She said she spoke to her boss, and they decided that no matter how long my son consumed these products, he would provide us with 150 products for free,” wrote the mother in the famous Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic.

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“I was completely amazed and don’t know how to thank them.

“Now my son can eat as much as he likes. I have restored my faith in humanity.”

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Ms Page told that the Queensland-based frozen food manufacturer is experiencing food shortages due to the difficulty in sourcing key ingredients from Melbourne amid the pandemic.

She said that Karen’s long journey and providing the only food he would personally eat, especially at such a difficult time, made her speechless.

She shared the story with popular Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic on Wednesday and has since gone on to garner nearly 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people also in awe of the thoughtful response.

“This is beautiful – first of them and then you. My eight-year-old son has autism and only has 14 foods, if something runs out, it’s devastating.” One woman wrote.

“Well, this company needs everyone’s support. How nice. Another wrote.”

A third person said, “It seems that this epidemic has been receiving a lot of good deeds,” while a fourth person added, “It’s very cool to know that there are still companies that really offer CARE and support their customers. Very happy for you and your little one.”

Mrs. Page said that when Karen handed over the second box, she had a set of flowers and cards ready to say thank you.

“Keith’s food. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help our little boy. “

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