“Molecule” works for Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands and Vogue Netherlands

"Molecule" works for Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands and Vogue Netherlands

Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands and Vogue Nederland have chosen Molecule as their TikTok agency. Most recently, Molecule has been responsible for strategy and creative interpretation for both Vogue and the Westfield Mall Tiktok channel. Among other things, the agency will be tasked with increasing the visibility of these well-established brands among generations Y and Z.

An understandable question and mission According to Robert Tammins, Founder and Managing Partner at Molecule: “TikTok is the social platform that is growing the fastest in terms of user numbers, especially among generations Y and Z, which means that more and more brands need a so-called TikTok-first approach. “For many organizations, it’s hard to keep up with new features or implement them in day-to-day use. This is where our expertise comes in. We are, as it were, the last piece of the puzzle in the marketing mix and ensure that established brands appear on TikTok.”

For example, Molecule recently participated in an activation campaign by Westfield promoting established brands in the mega shopping mall via their TikTok channel. LUSH — the cosmetics brand that last year decided not to be on social media — has seen an increase in store visits as a result of TikTok.

Karen Donnelly, Head of Marketing at Westfield Mall Of The Netherlands on the collaboration: “We noticed that there was an internal need for knowledge and expertise in the field of TikTok. Molecule was soon selected as a TikTok partner, the team convinced us with a suitable strategy and vision for Westfield.”

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Another brand choosing to appear more on TikTok is Vogue Netherlands. The originally traditional media brand knows how to respond well to “faster” news and offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at leading events, including various fashion weeks, live broadcasts and premieres.

around the molecule
Molecule is one of the first TikTok marketing partner agencies in Benelux and is currently working on campaigns for Samsung, KPN, Westcord Hotels and LINDA, among others. In addition to strategy and creative interpretation of brands, content monetization for influencers is an important pillar for an agency. They present this to a list of nearly 20 creators, including Benelux’s biggest influences De Rotterdamse Poetsqueen and the famous Maaike van Houten, known for her online expressions. But also for her TikTok channels like Ibiza. The channel, which has over 1 million followers, provides the company’s insights on how to approach the constantly innovative features and engaging content associated with them. The agency specializing in TikTok managed to create more than 70 campaigns, more than 500 million views and 100 million likes for its clients on the popular platform last year.

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