Mokhtar can no longer find a club: I think Asli plays a role

Mokhtar can no longer find a club: I think Asli plays a role

VVCS Response: “You have to look at each case individually”

Besides Younes Mokhtar, there are a lot of players of Moroccan origin without a club with boys such as Anwar Kali, Ali Massoud, Hilal Ben Moussa, Khaled Karami and Nasser El Khayat. All footballers are in their thirties with a proven track record at the highest level.

The head of the players’ union, Yevgeny Levchenko, believes that it is too early to talk about a direction. “You have to consider each case individually.”

“The reality is that clubs are now working with smaller selections,” he continues. “But I have never heard any noise about discrimination myself. As far as I know, Mokhtar was also not known as a tough boy. You already thought that someone of his qualities should work. Especially if he convinced Nadi to do so. You want to invest in his career and not ask for the big prize” .

PEC Zwolle’s Response: “Preventing Disorders”

“It is true that he offered to join us. The story was that he could make the youngsters better, but we have enough experienced players in the group with Kostas Lambro, Ryan Kolujk and Bram Van Boelen. We don’t want (training) the biggest players now.) to prevent disruptions to selection. We do not agree with the allegations of discrimination.”

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