Modifications to Albert Park are about to begin

Modifications to Albert Park are about to begin

Now that the start of the new Formula 1 season has not started in Melbourne but in Bahrain, it has been announced that Australian organizers want to make a number of modifications to the circuit. Gentlemen in Melbourne will start renovating their asphalt next week.

In Australia they don’t waste any time. The Australians deal with the disappointment of a postponed Grand Prix the only right way, which is to move forward and look forward. It was a good time for the organizers to take a critical look at the ring and make the necessary adjustments. Although they really wanted to do it after the Grand Prix in March, that was now pushed forward.

It will actually start next Monday

Work on the ring will begin on Monday. Plenty of time because we won’t be traveling to Australia until the end of November this year. The reason to start re-asphalt now is, among other things, is: Weather:This is not your usual asphalt mixture that you use on regular roads, it has stiffer binders, different properties, and it has to be laid a certain way, and you should do it when it is warmer. ”Andrew Westacott, Grand Prix CEO, told Speedcafe.

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