“Modern Love Amsterdam” is the series that kicks off at Christmas

"Modern Love Amsterdam" is the series that kicks off at Christmas

There is a new summit series of Dutch lands! Love Talk Amsterdam It is based on the famous column from New York timesIt presents six different stories about love and relationships.

Love Talk Amsterdam

This is very possible corny Dump, but in this case nothing but. The stories are refreshing and poignant, and they are about more than just partnership relationships. The series also focuses on grief, families, friendship, trauma, and dealing with illness. You will likely learn about forms of love that you haven’t even thought of yourself – and thus one episode will appeal more than the other – but this creates new perspectives. From polyamorous relationships to parenting: it all goes through.

‘Modern Love Amsterdam is the series we wanted to make right now. A series that shows that love always wins, no matter how confusing the times we live in. Jacomien Nijhoff, Head of Dutch Origins at Amazon Studios, says the filmmakers chose special, original stories where all the characters are looking for love in their own way.

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Fine cast

Each episode is inspired by a real event and takes place in different places in Amsterdam (from Artis to Central Station). I loved every story, but especially the third episode, which is about Christmas, is worth a watch.

Also worth seeing: the good cast. There are many great actors in the series, from Rifka Lodeizen to Hanna van Vliet and Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing. Contributing contributions to the series were Robert Alberingk Thiem (Adam + Eva), Roos Oehand (Ogabels) and Maude Wemeijer (Anne +). All of the episodes — which have all been online since December 16 — are only half an hour long, so they’re perfect for enjoying Christmas. do it.

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