MLB Playoffs: What does the World Championship title mean in 2020?

MLB Playoffs: What does the World Championship title mean in 2020?

The fourth game of the 2020 World Championships was one of the best qualifiers so far. A back and forth relationship from the fourth half onwards, Rays and Dodgers put on a show and by the end of the night, Rays had achieved the series after one of the strangest plays I’ve ever seen my life.

But what does all this mean? What is that? Well that depends on your point of view.

If you are a fan of the Rockies, for example, then winning Rays will mean many things. Rays would leave the Rockies at the very exclusive Never Won a World Series club, but it could also mean proof of how a team like the Rockies could leave the club on their own in the near future. It’ll cement the post-season legacy of guys like Randy Arosarina and Brett Phillips (!). It also meant that the Dodgers’ team didn’t win.

Now, if the Dodgers team wins, then it gets complicated. Does a tournament count in a 60-match season the same as a 162-game season? Is the cup just a piece of metal? Or are we forced to drop any semblance of double standards and acknowledge that the drought of the Dodgers title will end and hopefully mark the beginning of the end of the reign of terror in the Dodgers?

Here’s what the double standards look like for those who want Team Rays to win or want Team Dodgers to lose. If the Rays team wins, the double-standard story will be about how they endured an insane season, set the best MLS record, skipped the most playoffs we’ve ever seen, and beat the best team in the National League. To take the franchise’s first ever title. If the Dodgers team wins, it will be the opposite. They played during an exceptionally short regular season, played through extraneous postseason and won a title that would wear the star sign forever.

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Part of this double standard problem is that any distortion or distortion of the winning team turns into a distortion of everything that the losing team has legitimately achieved. Whether we like it or not, the criterion by which you are judged can be the same by which you are judged. Or in other words, if you are ready to go, don’t get angry if someone else goes there at your expense!

F Scott Fitzgerald once said, “A first-class IQ test is the ability to simultaneously take two opposing ideas into account while retaining the ability to act.” Psychologists call this phenomenon cognitive dissonance.

Whatever the case, he’s been eating me since the season was announced. How will history deal with the 2020 world champion winner? It’s hard to say. Personally, I just hope the Rays can bring their first title home and the Dodgers won’t win that coin. Hope that makes me a “top notch intelligence” and not an outrageous hypocrite.

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It’s hard to think of baseball when your state is on fire Roxbill

2020 is the gift that never seems to stop giving no matter how many times you try to return it. To our readers in and around Estes Park and Grand Lake, stay safe and we are here for you.

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