Minister Yesilguz: We are working to destroy Limburg, but not everything will be compensated | Policy

Minister Yesilguz: We are working to destroy Limburg, but not everything will be compensated |  Policy

Efforts are being made to achieve more equitable compensation for flood damages in Limburg. This is what the Ministry of Justice and Security says in response to complaints about the settlement of cases that three municipalities in southern Limburg have expressed to In Vandag. However, according to Minister Dylan Yeşilkoz, not all damages will be compensated.

According to Ine Vandagh, the mayors of Valkenburg Anne de Gaulle, Mersin and Gulben-Wattheim are not satisfied with the settlement of claims. Not all damages are covered by insurance companies. The government may have arrangements to help, but according to the mayors, they start very slowly and, moreover, often do not pay. They point to statements by Yeschelgauz’s predecessor, Fred Graberhaus, that the government would be generous in compensation.

“My understanding is that individuals are not satisfied with compensation for damages,” Yesilgoz said. It refers to the various schemes that have already been falsified. On the basis of disaster damage compensation (Wts), people can be compensated for damage that they could not have insured. An indulgence scheme was established for the portion of the damage that could have been insured.

Not all costs are covered

The Minister acknowledges that the schemes do not cover all costs. “It is compensation. Also, not all cost items qualify for compensation.” She says she will send a letter to the House of Representatives again “before the summer” on settling the claims. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is working with the province of Limburg on a scheme tailored to affected entrepreneurs.

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Compensation is handled according to Wts by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). On Tuesday, he admitted mistakes. “Unfortunately, such cases were not always treated equally in the processing of applications,” the agency said in a statement. RVO has promised to correct this.

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