Mini seminar knowledge power (counter) | The House of Representatives for the General States

Mini seminar knowledge power (counter) |  The House of Representatives for the General States

November 10, 2021

How can science contribute to the quality of parliamentary work? And how can policy facilitate scientists to do their work optimally? This and more will be discussed during the Knowledge (Counterfeit) Force mini-symposium to be held on Monday 15 November in The Hague. The program can be followed through a live broadcast from 3.30 pm.

The symposium will be held in honor of the tenth anniversary of Parliament and the Scientific Partnership. The aim of this collaboration is to use current scientific insights into the parliamentary process. To this end, the Chamber of Deputies collaborates structurally with six scientific organizations: the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), De Jonge Academy, Association of Universities (VSNU), Dutch Scientific Research Organization (NWO), TNO and the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU).

a program

3.30 pm

Inauguration of Jaap Jansen, Parliamentary Journalist
Welcome by Vera Bergkamp, ​​Speaker of the House and Enki Slaughter, President of KNAW
3.40 pm Interview with Vera Bergkamp and Ineke Sluiter
3.50 pm Introduction: Science is the basis of politics? between Fact-free science employment Evidence-Based Policy
Peter Paul Verbeek, Professor of Human Philosophy and Technology, University of Twente
4.05 pm Interview with Peter Paul Verbeek
4.10 pm Online interview: Evidence-Based Policy In the United States with Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
4.25 pm Conversation: Politics about science
Judith Tillen, VVD Member of Parliament
Caroline van Hamm, Professor of Experimental Political Science, Radboud University Nijmegen
4.35 pm Conversation: Politics
Michael Falls, Professor of Public Order Law, RUG
Kees van der Stej, Member of Parliament SGP
4.45 pm Discussion with speakers and participants
5PM Start network brew

Follow it directly

The symposium will be held at the New Babylon Convention Center in The Hague. The meeting can be watched live from 15:30.

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