Military social media phishing links

Military social media phishing links

Hackers hijacked the British army’s Twitter and YouTube accounts for hours on Sunday. They sent phishing messages there.

The British military’s social media channels remained in the hands of hackers for four hours on Sunday. Only in the evening was the army able to regain control of its accounts.

Later in the evening, the British military apologized for a “temporary outage” via its Twitter channel. She added that the incident “will be subject to a full investigation and knowledge of it.”

According to media reports, the hackers began their attack on Sunday afternoon. They posted ads and links to fraudulent sites there. The Twitter account was temporarily customized in appearance so that a casual visitor would think they were visiting the well-known NFT group channel. These digital artworks are often traded today for a lot of money and – although only digital – should be traded as a unique work of art.

At the same time, NFTs are currently a popular way for fraudsters to force them on victims as a supposed investment opportunity.

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