Mike Tyson is fully awake before the boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. (Picture)

Mike Tyson is fully awake before the boxing match against Roy Jones Jr. (Picture)

Next time you’re too tired (or totally lazy) to force yourself to go to the gym, just refer to this post for inspiration. Former heavyweight boxing champion and all-round knockout machine, Mike Tyson, was completely knocked out at the age of 54 just two weeks after his boxing match against Roy Jones Jr.

And while the event will be a show-stopping show, Iron Mike’s fitness is the real deal.

Tyson began returning to the fight in late 2019 in hopes of a combat comeback. And while no fights were featured against our best today, Tyson landed on numerous performances, including some attention from the Naked Fighting Championship (BKFC).

Ultimately, Tyson signed a contract to confront fellow legend Roy Jones Jr., last September. After several hurdles along the way, the game was postponed – which reportedly carries with it a $ 49.99 pay-per-view (PPV) tag.

Now, the heavy hitters are set on November 28, 2020 in Carson California, with the inaugural “Frontline Battle” belt crowned. Tyson last competed 15 years ago and ended his boxing career with two straight losses. Jones, 51, fought until 2018 and is currently on a winning streak four times.

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