Mieke Docx doesn’t come home until 5am after the Tour of Switzerland: “I’m riding mainly this time to try out the next stage races” (Lier)

Mieke Docx doesn't come home until 5am after the Tour of Switzerland: "I'm riding mainly this time to try out the next stage races" (Lier)

Mieke Docx: “With the aim of the Belgian Championship for the time trial and the Belgian Championship on the road, I avoided all risks in the Tour of Switzerland.” © Tom Guyverts

Mieke Docx will appear today at 12.20pm on the podium for the Belgian Championship time trial in Javier. After more than 23 kilometers, it will become clear where the former resident of Laer will end up in the results.

livin verheen

“Please don’t expect miracles,” Docx says. “Anyway, trying time is not really my specialty. Moreover, I only got home from the Tour de Suisse on Wednesday morning at five in the morning. At ten o’clock I got up again to put the laundry in the washing machine and do my job as communicator at Flanders Classic “.

In Switzerland, the Lotto Soudal women’s only team rider didn’t have to survive due to several altimeters.

The heat, in particular, had its losses. What we have experienced here in Belgium in recent days cannot be compared to what we had to face there. The opening stage started at 7.30pm on Saturday and even then it was difficult to get oxygen. Not to mention the first real mountain stage on Monday. I don’t remember when I actually drained more water bottles. The pleas of the riders were not heard. On Tuesday, heavy rain and thunderstorms flooded us in the last hour. (Laugh) Sometimes I thought about safety with lightning, but I had a great fear especially in landing. With the BC experience and the Championship on the road, I consciously avoided all the risks.”

A little bit of practice

It remains to be seen if there will also be thunderstorms today. With the hilly track, riders anyway will face a tough chrono race.

“The week before we left for Switzerland, I also noticed this while surveying. So I think the time experience can be better compared to the one we gave us in the Swiss mountains on Sunday. Partly because of the heat, I felt my legs fill up quickly and that I couldn’t achieve the wattage On top of that, I haven’t trained much on the test bike yet.”

“Okay, we’ll see what happens. I see the experience this time working mainly on the subsequent smaller stage races that are still in the program. And also as a final test of top speed ahead of the Belgian championship on Sunday in Middelkerke,” concludes the 26-year-old. Recently.

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